Attorney Shelly has vast experience with getting people the treatment that they need. With her exposure to the Genesee County Drug Court and her involvement with the Genesee County Sobriety Court, Attorney Shelly can give clients the tools they need to succeed and get them the help that they want. Upon arrested it is critical that you attain capable, legal representation immediately. Especially if the following may apply:

  • The alleged drug offense occurred within or partially within the state of Michigan
  • You have been accused of a crime that caused substantial affliction in the state of Michigan
  • Victim or any agent/employee of a government unit posed as a victim was located in or lived in the state of Michigan at the time of the alleged drug offense.
  • You, or another individual involved in a conspiracy arrangement provoked by you, conspired to commit a crime within Michigan and acted in a way to further the conspire.
  • You have been accused of conduct, indicating an attempt to commit a crime in Michigan


Call an Attorney First

Pay attention to whether police read you your rights. Police MUST read an individual his or her Miranda rights prior to asking any questions. If they begin asking questions without doing so, this may be used as a defense in court. Regardless, do not answer questions!

Upon arrest, do not talk to police. They will try to convince you that talking to them will ultimately benefit you. Do not consent to a search your property; without your consent, the police must obtain a search warrant. They are not your friends. Remember, the police can use anything you say against you- and they will.


Meeting With Your Attorney

When someone has just been arrested it is arduous to know what to do next, or how to react. This is a frightening and stressful experience, however, it is imperative that you understand what to do and not do in order best protect yourself from being charged with a crime. Even if you feel that the details surrounding your arrest may incriminate you, tell your attorney the truth. An effective defense strategy cannot be developed without knowing the situation. Your attorney thoroughly understands the law, and the repercussions you face if your legal rights are not protected. It’s crucial for your freedom and future that you are honest about the details that led to your arrest.


First Appearance Before a Judge

Appearing alone in front of the judge can be extremely intimidating. It’s essential that you attain the legal representation of a proficient lawyer to direct you throughout this process. You will immediately face an initial appearance before a judge with the opportunity to make a public statement. You will also have the opportunity to answer any questions regarding the charge against you.