Shelly McFarlane, Attorney at Law Specializing in Criminal Defense

Because sometimes GOOD people make BAD choices. 


 Located in Flint and serving people throughout the state of Michigan, Attorney Shelly works tirelessly to deliver the best resolution for you.

Legal issues can be complex and confusing, you need an attorney who is aggressive and completely understands Michigan law. Don’t risk your reputation & credentials by trying to represent yourself. Not all cases are the same and the circumstances are specific to your case and will highly influence your sentencing. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating- which is why you should call Attorney Shelly first. Even if you believe or have been convinced that the evidence is stacked against you, it does not mean you will be convicted! At our office, we know everyone makes mistakes and sometimes good people make bad choices. That’s why we want to help you know your rights and understand your situation.  Call Attorney Shelly first.


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“If the help you gave my daughter early in your career is an indication of your success, then you are headed for Greatness!!!  Good luck to you!!!” – MV